Wesley Weekly #5: Another Pun Bites the Dust

We realized that we hadn’t had a pun-ny title in a while, so enjoy. Anyway, are you enjoying the fall weather?

What you may have missed:

Last week we examined the history of fundamentalism in the U.S. and how it has impacted women and sexual minorities. Pastor Tom Fox, an MSU alum, was our guest speaker. We are very grateful that he could come and share his experiences with us.

This week:

Noticing how fundamentalism often dominates the headlines? Encountering fundamentalism in interactions with family/friends/strangers? Join our discussion! We’re continuing the topic from last time, but this week we will be diving into its impact on culture and politics. We will be diving deeper into the topic and allowing for students to share their thoughts and experiences. If you would like to join, please contact us at msuwesley@gmail.com. The more the merrier!

Prayers and Concerns

Our prayers go out to all students who are or recently have been completing midterm exams and assignments.

If you have any prayer requests, please reach out to us. Big or small, we take all prayer requests seriously. With your permission, we’ll post them to Wesley Weekly next week.

Student Thoughts

Extended Metaphor

By Anonymous

Writing is like waiting in line. The longer you wait in line the easier it is to see the end, however the more you think about reaching the end the longer it takes to reach. Initially the line looks intimidating, but you haven’t had to stand there for very long yet and getting into line is the easiest part. Quarter of the way through and you’re still going strong, doesn’t feel like you have waited for very long and your feet still feel fine. Halfway through your feet begin to hurt a little, but for the most part you’re still feeling fine. At this point you’re probably feeling a little impatient, but you’re still going strong. Shortly after you have made it halfway, you see one of two things. Someone outside of the line recognizes someone in front of you and then joins them making the wait even longer or a couple people in front of you decide to leave the line. For the most part, they’re the kind that make the line shorter providing you with a small amount of hope and make the wait seem shorter. Shortly afterwards though, you begin to think that because you’ve already waited this long, that the next part of the wait shouldn’t be as bad. Unfortunately it feels even longer.

Time seems to slow down and you begin to wonder if you will ever reach the end before it is too late. You think to yourself, the ride could break down any minute, how long until they close, or they might run out of the thing I was waiting for. Time just keeps on slipping by and you feel nowhere near the end of the line. At this point your feet are aching, every attempt to try and fix the issue only seems short lived, you’re now very impatient and everything seems to bother you. The end is approaching nearer and nearer and yet you just can’t seem to reach the end. You begin questioning why you ever thought it was a good idea to get into such a long line, it’s never going to end and your feet will ache forever and ever and then. Then you notice that you’re up next, the person or persons in front of you have just gotten into that concert, onto that ride, or just got their table and will soon be eating. You have finally made it to the end, you breathe a sigh of relief, you start to smile again, and the aching in your feet seems to subside.

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