Wesley Weekly #11: Peas and Thank You!

Among other things, we are thankful for food puns this Thanksgiving. What You May Have Missed… Last week during our Thursday meeting, we entertained as many strange questions as we could think of. Can robots receive salvation? Do they even have souls? Etc, etc, etc. Thank you to all who attended and contributed. We hadContinue reading “Wesley Weekly #11: Peas and Thank You!”

Wesley Weekly #10: I Mustache You a Question

What do mustaches have to do with Wesley, you may be asking. Please shave all your questions for later. Welcome back to Wesley, folks! Thanks for swinging by and taking a peek at what’s in store. As I’m sure you guessed, this is our last meeting before Thanksgiving. What You May Have Missed… Last weekContinue reading “Wesley Weekly #10: I Mustache You a Question”

Wesley Weekly #7: Fun and Games

Fun fact: This Halloween falls on a blue moon, which means the second full moon in one month. This is very rare. Welcome to this week’s edition of Wesley Weekly! Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to leave a comment or reach out to us about attending Wesley this week, prayer requests, or anything else!Continue reading “Wesley Weekly #7: Fun and Games”

Wesley Weekly #5: Another Pun Bites the Dust

We realized that we hadn’t had a pun-ny title in a while, so enjoy. Anyway, are you enjoying the fall weather? What you may have missed: Last week we examined the history of fundamentalism in the U.S. and how it has impacted women and sexual minorities. Pastor Tom Fox, an MSU alum, was our guestContinue reading “Wesley Weekly #5: Another Pun Bites the Dust”