Director’s Thoughts – Understanding Fundamentalism

Introduction: Regarding Christian fundamentalism, Jerry Falwell Sr. once said, “A fundamentalist is just an evangelical who is mad at something.” I’ve thought about this quote quite often over the past month as I’ve worked to research and attempt to unpack the fundamentalist worldview. I’ve spent some time teaching about fundamentalism, and am planning on writingContinue reading “Director’s Thoughts – Understanding Fundamentalism”

Director’s Thoughts: Hermeneutics on Sin and Same-Sex Relationships

Introduction: The subject of sin and same-sex relationships is an ever present one in the current Christian community. It has split churches and denominations. It has spurred personal and political conflict. It has become the defining theological issue of our time and is a constant source of anger, frustration, hurt and sorrow for many throughoutContinue reading “Director’s Thoughts: Hermeneutics on Sin and Same-Sex Relationships”

Wesley Weekly #4: Lost in Translation

No one pronounces potato as po-tah-to. What you may have missed: Last week we dove into the subject of hermeneutics, or examining how people interpret the bible. We focused a lot on translation, and how all translation involves interpretation. In other words, you may already be reading the bible through a particular theological lens rightContinue reading “Wesley Weekly #4: Lost in Translation”