Wesley Weekly #13: Time to Doubt!

Not sure about that… What You May Have Missed… During our last weeks meeting, we tackled the issue of hell. We examined the cultural, scriptural, and theological background. We talked about the spectrum of different beliefs and views on the subject, and evaluated the strengths and issues faced by each one. However we arrived atContinue reading “Wesley Weekly #13: Time to Doubt!”

Wesley Weekly # 12: To Hell With It!

Abandon all hope ye who intern here! Welcome everyone back to the Wesley Foundation at MSU. We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving break. After taking a week off, we’re back to asking the tough questions. What you may have missed… This week, you tell us. How was your Thanksgiving during this difficult time?Continue reading “Wesley Weekly # 12: To Hell With It!”

Director’s Thoughts – Understanding Fundamentalism

Introduction: Regarding Christian fundamentalism, Jerry Falwell Sr. once said, “A fundamentalist is just an evangelical who is mad at something.” I’ve thought about this quote quite often over the past month as I’ve worked to research and attempt to unpack the fundamentalist worldview. I’ve spent some time teaching about fundamentalism, and am planning on writingContinue reading “Director’s Thoughts – Understanding Fundamentalism”

Wesley Weekly #9: Before and Rapture

It’s a sneaky pun, but it’s there. Welcome back to Wesley Weekly! What wacky, wonderful, weekend activities did you partake in? Let us know in the comments! What You May Have Missed… Last week during our Thursday meeting, we wrapped up our discussion on the different eschatological views that exist in certain groups and whyContinue reading “Wesley Weekly #9: Before and Rapture”

Wesley Weekly #8: It’s The End Of The World As We Know It

And I feel fine. Welcome back to Wesley Weekly! We hope that you’re doing well this week. Make sure to take some time to care for yourself if you haven’t. What You May Have Missed… Last week during our Thursday meeting, we watched the movie Dark Dungeons, which you can find for free on YouTube.Continue reading “Wesley Weekly #8: It’s The End Of The World As We Know It”

Special Announcement: Patreon!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming with an important announcement! The Wesley Foundation at Michigan State University now has a Patreon! Why We Did This As some of you may know, Wesley is operated based on funding from the Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry and private donations. This is a way for usContinue reading “Special Announcement: Patreon!”

Wesley Weekly #6: The End is Nigh!

Have you ever noticed that if you stare at a word for long enough, it doesn’t look like a word anymore? Welcome back to Wesley Weekly! We’re glad you chose to stop in! Say hi in the comments, if you want! What You May Have Missed… Last week during our Thursday meeting, we spent someContinue reading “Wesley Weekly #6: The End is Nigh!”

Director’s Thoughts: Hermeneutics on Sin and Same-Sex Relationships

Introduction: The subject of sin and same-sex relationships is an ever present one in the current Christian community. It has split churches and denominations. It has spurred personal and political conflict. It has become the defining theological issue of our time and is a constant source of anger, frustration, hurt and sorrow for many throughoutContinue reading “Director’s Thoughts: Hermeneutics on Sin and Same-Sex Relationships”

Wesley Weekly #4: Lost in Translation

No one pronounces potato as po-tah-to. What you may have missed: Last week we dove into the subject of hermeneutics, or examining how people interpret the bible. We focused a lot on translation, and how all translation involves interpretation. In other words, you may already be reading the bible through a particular theological lens rightContinue reading “Wesley Weekly #4: Lost in Translation”

Wesley Weekly #3: Punning Out Of Steam?

We’re number pun! Welcome back to Wesley Weekly! You might be asking “are we pun yet?” in regards to the puns, and our answer to you is we’re punstoppable! What You May Have Missed… Last week, we continued our discussion about doubt and how it related to the Bible. The discussion revolved around the NewContinue reading “Wesley Weekly #3: Punning Out Of Steam?”