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Director’s Thoughts: Hermeneutics on Sin and Same-Sex Relationships

Introduction: The subject of sin and same-sex relationships is an ever present one in the current Christian community. It has split churches and denominations. It has spurred personal and political conflict. It has become the defining theological issue of our time and is a constant source of anger, frustration, hurt and sorrow for many throughoutContinue reading “Director’s Thoughts: Hermeneutics on Sin and Same-Sex Relationships”

Sparticipation 2020!

Hi again, folks! Starting tomorrow, Michigan State University is having Sparticipation. It’s going to look a little bit different than in the past, since it’s all online, but hey, it’ll be good either way! We plan on being there every day if you want to swing by and say hi! Our virtual booth can beContinue reading “Sparticipation 2020!”


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