Wesley Monthly #1: Summer Break

Welcome back to Wesley at MSU. We’re going to be entering our summer schedule. Stick around and we’ll go into the summer details. What You May Have Missed… Last week we finished our discussions on Philosophy of Religion, specifically looking at arguments for and against religious belief. In the end, we discussed prioritizing love inContinue reading “Wesley Monthly #1: Summer Break”

Wesley Weekly #31: The Ontological Argument

What is a perfect being? Welcome back to Wesley at MSU! It’s always great to have you here and update you on what we’re going to be discussing this week. What You May Have Missed… We finished looking at the problem of evil last week. This argument against religious belief is still a very popularContinue reading “Wesley Weekly #31: The Ontological Argument”

Wesley Weekly #29: Cosmological Argument Cont.

Welcome back to Wesley at MSU! It’s always great to have you here! What You May Have Missed… Last week we began to continue to examine the Cosmological Argument for religious belief: Everything that begins to exist has a cause. The universe began to exist. The universe has a cause. We also began to unpackContinue reading “Wesley Weekly #29: Cosmological Argument Cont.”

Wesley Weekly #27: Divinity or Delusion?

Food for thought… Welcome back to Wesley at MSU! After spending a low key week to recover during mid-terms, we are back at it! What you may have missed… You missed nothing but some good hanging out. The MSU Wesley Foundation has restructured our Patreon page and we would be grateful if you would checkContinue reading “Wesley Weekly #27: Divinity or Delusion?”

Wesley Weekly #25 – Arguments Against Faith

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Wesley at MSU. We are starting a new and fascinating series this week, so buckle up! What You May Have Missed… Last week we finished our discussion on Capitalism, Socialism, and the Christian Faith. We took a very sobering look at the current financial and economic crisis that many AmericansContinue reading “Wesley Weekly #25 – Arguments Against Faith”

Wesley Weekly #22 – Old Testament Socialism?

Karl Moses? Hello everyone! Wesley is in full swing and examining the concept of doubt as it relates to faith and culture issues. We’re going to continue to tackle some controversial issues and help understand the nature of belief in a changing cultural environment. What You May Have Missed… Last week we discussed Jesus’s viewsContinue reading “Wesley Weekly #22 – Old Testament Socialism?”

Wesley Weekly #19: God and the Gender Spectrum

Understanding progressive Christianity and a better approach to gender. Welcome back to another week of Wesley at MSU. Continuing on with our theme of doubt for the Spring Semester, we are going to be focusing on understand the diverse and progressive spectrum of various religious, philosophical, and cultural subjects. What You May Have Missed LastContinue reading “Wesley Weekly #19: God and the Gender Spectrum”

Wesley Weekly #16: Happy New Year!

Should old acquaintance be forgot,and never brought to mind? Happy New Year all! We hope you all have a safe and wonderful New Year’s celebration, and we will be back with more content next week! That’s all for this week’s edition of Wesley Weekly! Don’t forget to like and follow our Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, andContinue reading “Wesley Weekly #16: Happy New Year!”

Director’s Thoughts – Suffering as Abusive Theology

Introduction: I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept suffering recently. It’s a subject that I don’t believe has been discussed or portrayed well throughout the religious and philosophical perspective that I and many were brought up in. It has also, unfortunately, been used harmfully and destructively in the lives of others. Interestingly, this subjectContinue reading “Director’s Thoughts – Suffering as Abusive Theology”